Final Cross

Final Cross

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If you are confused with the terms that are used during the comic, you can look it up here. :3

° Final Cross: A ritual (test) that young fairies from both Heaven and Hell take in order to pass onto their adulthood; “To earn their wings”

° FC: stands for “Final Cross”

° The Cross: A group of Gods that oversee the current FC test-takers

° The Creator: The God of the Gods

° Spirit: Term that’s used for “monsters”, different from fairies
[Level 1]: The weakest and lowest of all spirits
[Level 2]: A bit stronger than Level 1
[Level 3]: The average spirit most fairies can take on
[Level 4]: A strong and dangerous spirit, recommended only a group of experience fighters to handle it
[Level 5]: Rare but the strongest of all spirits and the most destructive of out all the four lower levels

° The Battle of Eternal City: An infamous story that resides in the City of Eternity

° The Fairy Death Plague: A disease that occurs and nearly killed 1/3 of the fairy population

° City of Eternity: The only known city in Terra; local residents calls it Eternal City for short

° Terra: The in-between world that current test-takers go to take the FC

° Heaven: Place where angel fairies live in (Not a place of eternal paradise)

° Hell: Place where demon fairies live in (Not a place of eternal damnation)

° Years: 10 fairy years is equivalent to 1 human year; their time passed more quickly

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