Final Cross

Final Cross

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January 2nd, 2009, 12:45 pm

Happy Holidays!

Does anyone ever read the News posts?
Just wondering, 'cause I rarely do. @________@;;;

So you must be wondering what's happening to cause this failure of an artist to update her News thingy.
I have news for you.
Yes, news for you for the last 2 months of disappearance since the death of my previous laptop.
There's good news and bad news.

So Good News first....

I got me a new laptop for Christmas!

Now Bad News....

My uncle has me program (Photoshop Elements) that I used to draw. D:<
(I don't understand Gimp nor Open Canvas. @______@)
Hopefully, I'll get it sometime around this month.
Another bad news, Finals coming up, can't work on anythinnnnnnnnnnnnnnng--------
So maybe the hiatus might be pushed up to February... >_________<;;;;

... Here's a little more good news to even out the bad news... .___.;;;

Check out the Gallery.
I put up 3 sneak peeks(not much of a spoiler though, ahahaha) for the second arc of FC. x3
(Note: Don't click the first preview if you aren't prepare for an incredibility small nipple shot and slight yuri aka girlxgirl.)
Also I put up the songs I chose for the characters. :p

Le Mishie had now spoken and will return once she accomplish the tasks before her (is secretly crying and quaking in fear). x___X;;;

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