Final Cross

Final Cross

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Main Characters

Name: Lily
Race: Angel Fairy
Age: 130 years old (13 human years)
Hair Color: Light Purple
Eye Color: Purple
Bio: Lily is an independent, young girl who is on her way to "earn her wings". Though a bit stubborn and impatient,
she is actually self-conscious among other fairies due to her past experience and is wary of Crisis unexpected
attitude toward her. She seems to enjoy sleeping and tormenting (physically and verbally) Crisis
whenever given the opportunity.

Name: Crisis
Race: Demon Fairy
Age: 133 years old (13 human years)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Bio: Crisis is a polite, kind gentleman that instead getting a hello from Lily when introduced,
he receives a slap in the face. Though his partner may be harsh toward him, Crisis nevertheless remains
patient and tries to advice Lily throughout the story. He enjoys eating sweets,
and has a clear liking to any cute things and his hat.


Race: Gypsy Fairy
Age: 267 years old (26 human years)
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Green
Bio: A cheerful, young woman that works in the cafe.
She seems to know more than she lets on.

FC Officials
Bunny-like sprites that works for the Cross
White (Angel Fairies); Black (Demon Fairies)

[Image is on Page 2]

The Cross
A group of Gods that oversee the current FC test-takers.

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